History Of The Inn

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The Inn was re-opened in 2012 after a year of dormancy. It has been revitalized to the pristine condition befitting the elegant old mansion. The rooms are modern and plush, the grounds are bright and fragrant and the staff, meticulous. Our sole endeavor is the satisfaction of our guests, and every waking moment (and a few at rest) are spent toward that end.

The history of the Inn is a storied one! Built by the founder of Walpole, Colonel Benjamin Bellows, in 1762, the building was part of the infamous Fort Number 3. The home remained in the Bellows’ family for two generations until Grandson Thomas died in the late 1800s. Thomas was known to have kept a very elegant household on the estate, which was also a working farm. Having never married, the family home became the property of the American board of Foreign Missions upon his death.

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Originally, the Walpole Inn was the “Homestead” Copely Amory purchased the 350 acre farm in 1890 and owned it for the next 35 years. He erected a large stone watering trough at the homestead with the following inscription: “Traveler (sic) remember here lived Col. Benjamin Bellows, founder of Walpole, from 1750 until his death in 1777. His son, Honorable Thomas Bellows, a distinguished citizen who died in 1848, his grandson, Reverend Thomas Bellows, who died in 1890 and that they owned and tilled this farm 138 years”.

Two owners later, in 1926, Jenni M. Ketcham, of New York City, converted the grand homestead into the Stage Coach Inn. It would remain a country inn for the remainder of the century, although often it was vacant under the ownership of the Walpole Savings Bank.

Meanwhile, on the other side of town, Mrs. Mary Louise Weber purchased another unsuccessful business, the Walpole Inn. In the years following her acquisition Mrs. Weber quickly transformed the Inn into a prosperous local entity. Eventually the Inn was sold, but in 1999, the Son of Mrs. Weber and his wife would merge the name and the elegance of the Walpole Inn with the homestead built by the founder of Walpole. And so, the Walpole Inn of the 21st century was born!